Carol Kantor: Owner

Started Business Builders in 1979 .... I was Manager of Miscellaneous Marketing at Atari before I started this agency... always liked the creative side of marketing and decided to hit the entrepreneur trail and develop creative promotional programs for clients... Atari was my first client and it grew from there.

Previously I was more on the Marketing research side with such organizations as Fairchild and Clorox. 

Got degrees in very technical stuff from CU Boulder and UT Austin and sometimes even use my education in my work.

I teach an ethics class to 6th graders at my synagogue and love working with kids.  I volunteer a lot at my synagogue and in the community.  And try to focus on my family including my husband, the potter, and two very talented sons!


Jane Aronson: Office Manager

If it has to do with keeping the financial side of the business in order, Jane is the go to person.


Caroline Bryant: Co-Pilot

Details Details Details - all the important things that make projects and orders stay on track is what makes Caroline an important part of our team.


Ben Douglas: Technology Manager

Keeping the technology up to date and running smooth is Ben's domain at Business Builders. He also helps with research to find creative solutions, making the art when needed and being sure our web presence is current.

He singlehandedly reconstructed the company database, built the website, manages the blog, and handles all other technical issues. He has traveled much of the world and enjoys photography, video games, and strange movies.


Carol Millstein: Payroll

Makes sure all the employees are paid and happy.  Makes sure Business Builders follows all the rules for a good business!