Giving gifts is an important part of corporate strategy. From the presentation of an award of recognition to the handing out of small items to prospects at a special event, giving is essential to building good relationships. All levels of giving items for business should be considered part of the “gifting” process.

The giveaway at a trade show or special event can and should be considered a gift. Even a low-cost promotional item can be given in a way that enhances its perceived value. If you follow proper guidelines in selecting the right item and presenting it as a special gift, the “giveaway” becomes a gift.

Always consider the objective of the gift. Is it an incentive to visit a trade show booth, a thank you for your business, or a gift to introduce someone to your business? Thinking about the reason for giving should be a guide for selecting the proper item whether the budget is $1 or $100.

Next, consider the recipient of the gift. Knowing the characteristics of the audience can be helpful in selecting a gift. People in different professions will likely respond differently to gifts. Another important factor is knowing how the items will be distributed. Will they be handed to each recipient personally or will they be sent by mail? Will they be given at a special event or delivered to each recipients home?

What was once considered a “giveaway” can be more effective when thought of as a “gift”. The difference is mostly in the amount of thought that is given to selecting and distributing the item. Giving as a gift or “gifting” makes a positive difference.

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